Helmut Debelius - Asia Pacific Reef Guide

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Helmut Debelius - Asia Pacific Reef Guide

Helmut Debelius - Asia Pacific Reef GuideHelmut Debelius - Asia Pacific Reef Guide
Auteur Helmut Debelius
Titel Asia Pacific Reef Guide
Uitgever IKAN
Type Boek
ISBN 9783939759218
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Taal Engels
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Today the coral reefs of South East Asia harbour the greatest species diversity of all oceans.

This is true not only for fishes but also for invertebrates because the species from the coral world radiated from the triangle of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

20,000 islands and innumerable coral reefs are located in that region where many new species are still discovered. This book focuses on the coastal fauna which most divers and snorkellers see first.

2007, Hc, 321pp, 15.5x24cm, 895gram. isbn; 9783939759218

Trefwoorden: Azië, Maleisie, Thailand, Indonesië, Vietnem, China, Japan, Philippijnen, etc
Artikelcode: 6905-

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