Albert Romp - A Romp with Carp

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Albert Romp - A Romp with Carp

Albert Romp - A Romp with CarpAlbert Romp - A Romp with Carp
Auteur Albert Romp
Titel A Romp with Carp
Uitgever Rompford publ.
Type Boek
ISBN 9780951988701
Staat Goed
Taal Engels
Prijs € 37,50
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Albert Romp lives in Langley, Berkshire with his "other half", Julie. He has been carp fishing for twenty five years, and in this time he has caught almost two hundred 20lb plus carp and thirty 30lb plus carp from waters both at home and abroad. At the time of writing (June 1992) he is the current holder of the biggest brace record with carp weighing 45lbs 4 ozs and 39 lbs 12ozs. He is also on record for being the first angler to catch four 35lb plus carp in one season. He is renowned in fishing circles as not only an angler with many big fish to his credit, but as one of anglings greatest wits and "wind up" experts, of which there is much evidence within these pages. Albert takes you through the many problems he and his friends encounter in their pursuit of big carp and the way these problems are solved by a positive approach, except when things go wrong! Albert has not written this, his first book as an instruction manual on carp fishing, but more of a book of experiences enjoyed by himself and his friends, seven of whose stories are included.

Rompford Publications. 1992 1st edition. Ppviii,180. Colour photographs, b/w illustrations. Foreword by Rod Hutchinson. Dark blue boards.

Trefwoorden: Carp fishing books
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