Marleen Felius - Cattle Breeds an Encyclopedia

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Marleen Felius - Cattle Breeds an Encyclopedia

Marleen Felius - Cattle Breeds an EncyclopediaMarleen Felius - Cattle Breeds an Encyclopedia
Auteur Marleen Felius
Titel Cattle Breeds an Encyclopedia
Uitgever Elsevier
Type Boek
ISBN 9789054390176
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Taal Engels
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Cattle Breeds an Encyclopedia

More than 1,000 cattle breeds from around the globe are cataloged in this monumental bovine reference. Each breed, including species found only in prehistory, is provided with a detailed physical description and a watercolor drawn to scale. Cattle are also classified into groups and subgroups according to geographical distribution, historical background, and physical features. Charts indicating breed lineage and records of crossbreeding, maps clearly depicting the location and distribution of authentic and derived breeds, and additional color photographs all round out this unprecedented resource.

Hardcover | 1 Edition | 799 Pages | 
Product Dimensions: 11.89 x 10 x 2.28 inches

2000, Hc+so, 799pp, 15x31cm 58mm dik, 3730gram, isbn; 9054390174 / 9789054390176

Trefwoorden: Runderen Felius 9054390174 Cattle Breeds
Artikelcode: 8088-Cattle Breeds -rundvee rassen

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