Charles Rangeley-Wilson - The Accidental Angler

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Charles Rangeley-Wilson - The Accidental Angler

Charles Rangeley-Wilson - The Accidental AnglerCharles Rangeley-Wilson - The Accidental Angler
Auteur Charles Rangeley-Wilson
Titel The Accidental Angler
Uitgever BBC Yelow Yersey Press
Type Boek
ISBN 9780224078832
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Taal Engels
Prijs € 20,66
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 Meet Charles Rangeley-Wilson. He's one of Britain's best-kept secrets - angler, conservationist, traveller. He's also one of our finest fishing writers. Now, join him on the trip of a lifetime, on a journey that will make the familiar new, and the strange familiar. Published to accompany the new BBC TV series, The Accidental Angler takes us from London suburbs to Bhutan, Icelandic moonscapes to the Seychelles - in fact, anywhere a fishing rod leads. In the Accidental Angler , you'll battle titanic monsters on a tropical atoll and make-believe sharks on the mushy-peas-and-gravy Wash. You'll chase inscrutable grayling through back gardens in Provence, or phantom sea trout in downtown Southampton. And, you'll dance in Brazilian carnivals and find secret rivers hidden beneath the streets. This is because fishing can take you to the heart of the landscape in a way few other forms of travel can match. A fishing rod will break the ice with locals, guides, farmers, shopkeepers, taxi drivers and bar-flies. Whether in the world's most outlandish and awe-inspiring places or just at the end of your road, fishing will introduce you to crabby weather and crabbier locals, moon-phases, rip-tides, floods, droughts, remarkable tales, and of course fantastic slippery beasts.

2006, Hc+so, 203pp, 14x22cm, 415gram, isbn; 9780224078832


Trefwoorden: 9780224078832
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