Martin Bowler / Hugh Miles - Catching the Impossible

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Martin Bowler / Hugh Miles - Catching the Impossible

Martin Bowler / Hugh Miles - Catching the ImpossibleMartin Bowler / Hugh Miles - Catching the Impossible
Auteur Martin Bowler / Hugh Miles
Titel Catching the Impossible
Uitgever Mpress
Type Boek
ISBN 9780955591792
Staat Nieuw, winkelfris
Taal Engels
Prijs € 32,95
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Nieuw boek. Mooi zwaar uitgevoerd boek met losse omslag.

Angling with a rod and line is a gift as old as history itself. It is something everyone can enjoy - boy or girl, young or old - a hobby, a sport, a pastime or a passion - or for the lucky few, a profession. Regardless of how we perceive it, angling takes us to another world, a place if sparkling rivers and mist-shrouded pools, of anticipation, tension, drama and fulfilment. Catching the Impossible tells the story of just such a journey through angling - of childhood inspiration, of discovery and revelation - beautiful places, amazing fish, the highs and lows, the triumphs and disasters, the friendships and wildlife, the best bite, the longest fight, the biggest fish - all gloriously illustrated to help transport you to this other world, an adventure in which Martin and Hugh travel through Britain in an attempt to film the capture of 'impossible' sized fish.

2008, Hc+so, 362pp, 23x29cm, 1750gram, isbn; 9780955591792

Artikelcode: 7344

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